We are a highly effective maritime agency specializing in top-notch Accommodation services for ship owners and crew members.

Huck Shipping, a highly proficient maritime agency, specializes in providing exemplary Accommodation services to ship owners and crew members. Operating primarily in the Yalova and Tuzla regions, both hubs of bustling shipyards, our company takes pride in facilitating comfortable and hassle-free accommodation experiences for all travelers. Our commitment to ensuring the comfort and safety of those in transit is paramount. With our extensive network and local expertise, we excel in arranging top-notch hotel reservations and seamless transportation solutions in port cities. Whether you are a ship owner seeking a temporary abode or a crew member on a layover, Huck Shipping is your trusted partner for securing suitable lodging options. Our dedication to delivering reliable Accommodation services has earned us a reputation as a leading player in the maritime industry in the Yalova and Tuzla regions. Choose Huck Shipping for an unparalleled accommodation experience that enhances your journey while visiting these vibrant shipbuilding communities.

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